Welcome to RedditchShotblasting.co.uk,

2010 sees the 35th anniversary of Redditch Shotblasting and despite the recent harsh times we are still going strong and that is all thanks to our wide customer base which spans Europe and beyond.

Since 1975, we have provided high quality finishes on anything from rusty Springs to Rolls-Royce Chassis. If you have got anything that you feel is in need of restoration, Redditch Shotblasting & Powder Coating is right on your doorstep.

Services provided by Redditch Shotblasting:

Although the list is endless, here are a few examples of jobs we can do;

Restoration Projects.

Vincent Motorcycle

Rocker Covers, Cylinder Heads, Springs, Shells, Chassis, Bonnets, Exhausts Systems, Tanks, Wheels, Panelling, Motorcycle Components...


Springs, Pressings, Machine Parts, Brackets, Gears and Valve Bodies...


Beds, Cast Iron Garden Furniture, Radiators, Shelves, Wood, Glass, Stands...